Call 1800 Reverse free when you’re out of credit on your Telstra, Vodafone, Optus or Virgin mobile. You can also call free from most Payphones and Home Phones in Australia.

The person receiving the call pays the charges and they’re only charged if they choose to accept by pressing 9 on their phone keypad. There’s no charge if they’re not connected, or the receiver chooses not to accept.

Call Type Connection Fee Talktime Charge
Accepted on a Mobile – from all AUS phones $5.00 $5.00 per minute for each minute charged in 1 minute blocks for minute 1, minute 2 and minute 3. Minutes 4 and 5 are Free. Minimum charge is $10.00 for a call lasting up to 1 minute. Maximum charge is $20.00 for a call lasting up to the maximum length of 5 minutes
Received on a Home Phone – from all Aus phones Flat $18.99 charge for 45 minutes of talktime

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Calls received on home phones are charged to the fixed line phone bill. Calls are charged a flat rate of $18.99 for 45 minutes of talktime. These calls automatically end after 45 minutes.

Calls accepted on mobiles are charged in $5.00 blocks by carrier billing or premium sms by short code 19901800. Maximum call charge is $20.00 (four $5.00 charging messages) for a call lasting up to 5 minutes (calls automatically end after 5 minutes). The confirmation sms received for each $5 charge includes a unique receipt number. 

For Charges Support or to stop receiving 1800-Reverse calls, call Customer Service on 1300360522. 

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